Sunday, November 22, 2009

H&M new man holiday campaign '09

Its seems like H&M hasn't been hittn by recession.. They are doing campaign after campaign.. First F/W campaign, then Jimmy Choo, then Sonia Rykiel,.. And now they are doing man/woman/children HOLIDAY campaign.. Well, i think everyone is glad that they are doing campaign after campaign, because they have quality, cheap, fashionised items in they stores.. Well, I can say just one more thing for the end - H&M come to Croatia immediately!!!!
Here are photos of H&M holiday campaign for man:

I want this sweater .. This sweater is like "Day after Christmas sweater; wear me kindly!" ;)

This jacket, neeeeds to be mine!




Caleb Poling said...

H&M also is releasing kilts in the mens clothing this year. So awesome they're doing something so edgy for such a mainstream company. Nice post :)

Teo said...

i didnt know that.. thx :) now i cant wait to go to H&M even more!

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