Thursday, December 24, 2009

... Have yourself a merry lil' Christmas ...

Sorry for not writing you for a very long time... I saw a lot of things since I didnt written to you guys.. First of all... This Christmas is so weird.. Snow had fallen, but yesterday it melt,... allll -.-... so it isnt white christmas, i didnt bought all of xmas gifts!! i know... but ... I feel Christmas spirit in the air more than ever... I really dont know why... BuT iM happy for it.. :) ... Today is Christmas eve.. Im going on Christmas party today, and I cant wait because this party is better and better every year... But I still don't know what to wear :/ arghh... blah.. All just come so so so so so quuuickly ... Idk what my parents bought me for Xmas.. But I like surprises .. Now Im listening Christmas songs, and writing this winter wonderland post.. I wanted to made in photoshop some crazy ass kicking - mother fuc**r photo.. but as you can read I dont have time for anything.. So i gonna do something now.. quicky.. GoooooD i looove christmas, its so magical time of the year... This christmas is extra extra magical for me.!.. Welll.. I gonna just say to you that, life is wonderful! :P .. ***tEo is singing all i want for christmas is you..*** ...
Christmas in pictures:

 On pic: My snowy, christmas pics, cookies that I made, my FIRST this year Christmas combination outfit, legendary Carrie Bradshaw, H&M military coat  

Ive read somewhere that Vivianne Westwood is going to make campaign with Lee jeans.. That should be interesting.. All you who are artistic, grunge, punk little person gonna enjoy it ... I think I gonna reserve one pair for myself.... :) .. Every one is crazy about Jolie Petite: CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT IT, Croatian model Ljupka Gojic, made her brand Jolie Petite.. She has sweet, ''little lady's'', t-shirts, dresses and so.. Its really cute, ....... Rockers for Vogue - editorial by Steven Meisel --- Wow.  I like this!! Very nice.. (look pics down, down) :) .. Again i reminded myself how much i like Sasha Pivovarova .. I like you baby !!! :P .. And so...  Idk what more to write.. and ... kate moss. (queen.. wait . when i think of queen i think about old lady,.. so better PRINCESS) .. said that she DONT LIKE designer stuff and that she buy all her ass kick clothes in second hand shops.. --   London, thanks god, is fuuuulll of them .. :) .. croatia--no.. :/...
So again some pics..






OMG OMG OMG --- SATC 2 trailer has been released .. I lllooove Samantha and Carrie and co.. I cant wait 28th MAY !!!!!!!

AND for the END of this POST i want you lots and lots and lots of crazy cute sweet edgy great presents!!!! I heading now to scrub-a-dub-dub ... and then partyyyyy... :) ... now lil' song for end !! :)
XOXO many snowy kisses .. :):*:)

and one more :) ...  NY in my <3 !!! 4ever

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gossip my Wardrobe Special: Christmas No.1

Im all in rush, .. im like tic-tac tic-tac --- am I done yet?!!!!? Christams is here .. I loooove Christams, snow, Christmas carols, ... Thats my favourite time of the year! But now.. I need to finish school with A, I need to study study study.. Then I go to driving school, that I need to study to., math tutors,.. My room is being renovated, I must look for everything for my room.. And then ... I neeeed to find Christmas gifts for everybody!!! .. Ughh .. I dont have time for anything.. Yesterday I was lying in bed, drinking coco with rum, eating cinnamon cookies, and watching tv.. i was having a break of all that hurry.. and then my mom suddenlly appears and i needed to help her with christmas decoration of whole house, and store.. and so...

I made a list of my Christmas wishes... so that you don't have to worry what to buy me for Christmas :)) . This things i gonna like for sure.. :)    

Im writing you this very quickly, so sorry on some mistakes if i made them,...Hope next post will come up soon..
I j'adore running this blog! XOXO
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